How to Draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex

I found the perfect drawing tutorial for drawing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. There’s a drawing video from YouTube, and don’t get upset because luckily the website Dragoart has a drawing tutorial that teaches you how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I think it’s a good tutorial for intermediate artist. The drawing video is more for artist that want a challenge. You know, more advanced? They’re both pretty good and high quality. Like we said in the about us page, we show nothing but quality. So what I would start off first, if your a beginner, I would start with the Dragoart drawing tutorial because it will help you with a more advanced lesson for drawing a Tyrannosaurus Rex. First off, enjoy the drawing video.

Well that’s the YouTube video, but feast your eyes on the Dragoart version. I think you’ll like both personally, but for me, I like the Dragoart version. You can view lot’s of drawing tutorials there. Other than Dragoart, there’s another great site. I will talk more about it on the next drawing lesson, and I’ll also share a drawing tutorial from their website. If you know a good drawing tutorial that will teach you how to draw a certain dinosaur, then don’t be afraid to contact us and tell us. Enough talk and enjoy the drawing tutorial.

How to Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex 1How to Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex 2How to Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex 3How to Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex 4How to Draw A Tyrannosaurus Rex 5

Well that’s the drawing tutorial from Dragoart :D Pretty neat huh? Well that’s all that I got to share for drawing a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so enjoy your day and I hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial. Leaving a comment will help us so much, so be sure to comment. More drawing tutorials are on the way. Thank you :)

How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur

Okay, so here’s a final edit for this drawing tutorial, how to draw a cartoon dinosaur. There are lot’s of kids in the world that like to learn how to draw cartoon creature and cartoon characters, that’s why I want to teach how to draw a cartoon dinosaur. What do I think of when I draw a cartoon dinosaur? I think of the animated series Little Foot :D I know, the show is old school, but thinking about the series helps me draw a cartoon dinosaur. When your drawing a cartoon dinosaur, you would have to start off with drawing the face shape. The structure of a dinosaur is identical as a dragon’s, but in this case, you have to draw a cartoon look on the cartoon dinosaur. If you want to know what I mean, view the drawing video that I shared below. It’s a good video and think you’ll like it. It’s from YouTube :)

What’s that? You don’t like YouTube videos? Well if that’s so, your luky that I’m sharing a drawing tutorial from a great website called Dragoart. It’s a drawing tutorial that will make you happy for life. I think you’ll like it. It gives you good tips for drawing anything you want, and yes, all drawing tutorials are like the one below. Enjoy!

How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur 1How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur 2How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur 3How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur 4How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur 5How to Draw A Cartoon Dinosaur 6

Well that was the drawing tutorial that we’ve found. I hope that you liked the drawing tutorial. We put some effort in this drawing tutorial and we’re looking forward for more uploading. Stay updated and you’ll see something new here everyday. We would appreciate it if you could leave a comment to help us out. Thank you :D

How to Draw A Dinosaur

The website was finally updated and I’m doing an update on this tutorial as well. As you all know, this website has been a spam looking site for 6 months. Now it’s time to refurbish to an actual site that will teach you how to draw dinosaurs. I didn’t just update the site alone, but also the old/junk/previous drawing tutorials. To start with a good introduction, let’s talk about the basic information. Let’s first discuss the difficulty of drawing dinosaurs. Why? It’s because I just want to remind you how hard it is to draw a dinosaur. It’s like drawing your first drawing. Dragons and dinosaurs look a like so I kind of did prove my point. You know? I should have shared the tip on how dinosaurs are like dragons later on. Let’s begin with the three tips anyway.

The first tip is to remember how a dinosaur’s body shape looks. This will help you with the proportions of the dinosaur’s arms, legs, and head direction (Which is most important.) ┬áThe second tip is to remember what a dragon looks like. Try remembering how a T-Rex looks. All of those memorizing techniques really comes in handy for any dinosaur whatsoever. The final tips is knowing the dinosaur that you want to draw. It doesn’t have to be a relevant dinosaur, it could be a made up dinosaur. Other than that, enjoy the drawing video that I shared found on YouTube. There is also a drawing tutorial from a cool website called Dragoart. Enjoy both :D